Manly Monday Struggles!Monday Can Be a Struggle For Many, But…

Manly Monday Struggles!

Monday Can Be a Struggle For Many, But It’s This Type Of Struggle That Gets Me Through The Week…A Beefy, Brawny Hunk In Tight Jeans And A Tee Bound To A Chair And Tape-Gagged, Struggling His Bonds.

How Did He End Up Like This?

A. Was He The Star Fly-Half Abducted By Fans Of The Rival Squad?

B. Was The Over-Eager Graduate Student Who Discovered The Evil Plans Of His Professor? The Professor Got The Drop On Our Hero, And He Left Him B&G  Until He Can Dispose Of This Meddling Youth!!

C. Was He A Undercover Law-Enforcement Agent Whose Identity Was Discovered By The Criminal Gang He Infiltrated?

I Like All Three Scenarios!

Struggle On, Dudes!