I Love Men’s Butts!

I Love Men’s Butts!

I Am A Butt Man. No Apologies! Glutes Are One Of The Sexiest Parts Of A Man’s Body. Nothing Highlights An Athlete’s Buns Better Than A Tight-Fitting Uniform Or Kit. Two Sports I Love For A Variety Of Reasons…Rugby And American Football…Do Just That! 

Here’s My Ode To The Muscular Hindquarters Of The Athletes Of The NFL:

Ben Roethlisberger May Not Have The Most Well-Sculpted Butt, But It Is A Beefy One!

Jimmy Garappola Has A Fine Set Of Power Glutes To Fill Out A Uniform On Both Coasts!

Jordy Nelson Has A Bountiful Bubble Butt!

Luke Kuechly Has A Sublime Set Of Man Cakes!

Randall Cobb Must Clench His Cheeks Against The Cold In Green Bay, But He Also Clenches Them On The Road!

And James Winchester Gives New Meaning To A Rump Roast In Kansas City!

Woof, Baby!