What Post Contains Adult Content, Tumblr?

Hello giantsorcowboys,

As outlined in our Community Guidelines, and effective as of December 17, 2018, adult content is no longer allowed on Tumblr.

You’re receiving this email because you recently uploaded content onto your Tumblr, giantsorcowboys, that has been flagged as adult content.

If you feel we have miscategorized your posts even after reviewing the Community Guidelines on adult content, please let us know by asking us to review this decision. Don’t worry, your flagged posts have not been deleted. They’re hidden from public view and are only viewable to you. If we’ve made an error, your post will be reverted to its proper classification.

While we do not judge anyone for their desire to post, engage with, or view this kind of material on other platforms, it simply no longer belongs on this platform.

Please note replies to this email will not be seen. If you have questions, you can find answers immediately in our Help Center.

Thank you,

Tumblr Trust & Safety

Tumblr did not provide a link to the post that it claims contains adult content on my blog. Under the menu bar, I clicked on “Review flagged posts,” but the posts there are “under review” or can only be viewed by me. These posts are the same posts since December 17. 

Many of the posts that Tumblr claims are in violation of their new policy are not pornographic at all. Is Tumblr maintaining a a site for the likes of John Ashcroft, who infamously as Attorney General covered the statue of Justice in the Justice Department because he deemed it immodest?

If Tumblr deems a post to be in violation of its rules, Tumblr should provide a link to the post in question, so that we can appeal or edit the post in question.