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Manly MondayCan’t Get Any Manlier Than Craig R…

Manly Monday

Can’t Get Any Manlier Than Craig Ronaldson.

Woof, Baby!

Yes, It Matters.

Yes, It Matters.

The Other Day At The Gym A Friend Asked My Opinion About Gus Kenworthy, Adam Rippon, And Eric Radford, Who Are The First Openly Gay Men To Compete In The Winter Olympics. 

My Friend Said, “I Don’t Care.” And In Discussing Adam Rippon, My Friend Commented, “We All Knew Anyway.”

I Applaud My Friend For Being Honest With Me. I Did My Best To Explain Why It Does Matter And Why Saying “We All Knew Anyway” Is Hurtful.

LGBT People Face Attitudes Like Those Expressed By This Gentleman. Unfortunately, Such Attitudes Are Still Prevalent, Despite The Great Strides We Have Made Towards Full Civil Rights And Acceptance.

For People Who Have Responded (Friends And Family, Too) “I Don’t Care,” Or “I Knew It All Along” To My Coming Out To Them, They Did Not Realize How Dismissive They Were Of My Struggle To Accept Myself As A Gay Man. They Usually Accompanied These Responses With “I Don’t Tell The World That I’m Straight.” No, You May Not, But They’ve Never Had To. Being Straight Is The Assumption. When We Talk (As LGBT People) About Our Sexuality, We Are Accused Of Pushing An Agenda. 

And I Just Love How My Sexuality Is Described As A “Choice.” It’s Not. I Choose To Wear A Red Sweater Today. Tomorrow, I May Wear A Blue One. 

I’m Gay. I Can’t Discard It Tomorrow.

With These Men At The Olympics, The World Witnesses The Results Of Years Of Hard Work, Dedication, Skill, Athleticism, And Ability. Kenworthy, Rippon, And Radford Are Testaments To That…Whether They Are Gay Or Not. But To A Teenage Boy First Discovering That He Likes Other Boys Or To A Young Man Who Plays Rugby (Or Whatever Sport) And He Likes Other Young Men, These Three Men Are Shining Beacons To Them. That Is Why Their Openness Matters!

Yeah, They Can Kick Butt At The Sport They Play. And They Get It On With Guys, Too.

And As For The Response That You All Knew My Sexuality Before I Chose To Reveal It To You, Well, There Was A Time When I Did Not Know That I Was Gay. I Thought It Was A Phase. I Thought If I Prayed Hard Enough, God Would Take It Away.

And, Then, I Accepted Who I Was And Knew It Was Okay To Be Gay. Bigoted Attitudes (Often Masked Behind Piety) Betrayed Ignorance And Fear.  My Journey To Acceptance Would Have Been Easier, If I Had Openly Gay Men As Role Models In Fields Like Sports.

Living Your Truth As These Three Olympians Do, Makes The World Of Difference.

They Are True Sports Studs!

They Are The Epitome Of Woof Worthy To Me.

Frackin’ Hot!Tom Staniforth Getting Hot And Sw…

Frackin’ Hot!

Tom Staniforth Getting Hot And Sweaty Chasing The Egg In The Lineout, And Getting Me All Hot And Bothered!

Woof, Baby!

My New Mantra…Everyday Is Leg Day!Thank…

My New Mantra…

Everyday Is Leg Day!

Thank You, Joey Mantia.

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Rest Days

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Rest Days

Today Is A Rest Day For Me, But I Will Never Tire Of Josh’s Bodaciously Muscular Hindquarters In Skin-Tight Kits Or In His Skivvies!

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Sunday BrunchGeorge Kruis Can Read The Phone B…

Sunday Brunch

George Kruis Can Read The Phone Book To Me…I Don’t Care…He’s Sexy As Hell!

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The Flying DutchmanThe Quins Have Not Been Doi…

The Flying Dutchman

The Quins Have Not Been Doing So Well Of Late, But I’ve Notice One Silver Lining In The Dark Clouds Over Them…

Tim Visser Has A Pretty Arse!

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That Kiss!Gus Kenworthy Made Olympic History W…

That Kiss!

Gus Kenworthy Made Olympic History Without A Medal. 

Hard Work, Perseverance, Being True To Yourself…Everything We Want Our Youth To Emulate.

You Go, Boy!

You’re A Gucci! 

a Chill Dude!

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Saturday’s ScrumThe Stormers Engulfed The Jagu…

Saturday’s Scrum

The Stormers Engulfed The Jaguars, But The Cats Got Some Scratches In.

Final Score: 28-20

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Beefy BunsA Smorgasbord From Which To Choose&h…

Beefy Buns

A Smorgasbord From Which To Choose…

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