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Disappointment RainsGutted That The Jaguares D…

Disappointment Rains

Gutted That The Jaguares Did Not Scratch The Lions, But It Was Great Following The Argentines This Season!

Gracias Por Todo, Muchachos!

Time To Soar, Skipper!Bring It On, Baby!

Time To Soar, Skipper!

Bring It On, Baby!

Guy FridayLos Jaguares Are On The Prowl.Woof, …

Guy Friday

Los Jaguares Are On The Prowl.

Woof, Baby!

Need A Muse For Leg Day?Here Are Two.Nice Arse…

Need A Muse For Leg Day?

Here Are Two.

Nice Arses, Studs!

Early Hump Day HunkPablo Matera Fits The Bill&…

Early Hump Day Hunk

Pablo Matera Fits The Bill…

He Fits A Great Deal More For Me!

Woof, Baby!

Hot And SweatyThe Jaguares Give It There All, …

Hot And Sweaty

The Jaguares Give It There All, As They Train For The Finals Of The Season.

Woof, Baby!

Locked!Matías Alemanno Talks About The Importa…


Matías Alemanno Talks About The Importance Of The Squad Being On The Same Page For Saturday’s Match Against The Lions.

Woof, Baby!

Got Legs?

Got Legs?

Los Jaguares Have Nice And Sexy Pairs.

Woof, Baby!

Medicine BallMarcos Kremer Is Pretty Handy Wit…

Medicine Ball

Marcos Kremer Is Pretty Handy With Balls.

Woof, Baby!

Tuesday’s Tush PushPablo Matera And Joaquín Dí…

Tuesday’s Tush Push

Pablo Matera And Joaquín Díaz Bonilla Get Their Tushes Pushed In The Lineout, And The Sharks Had Their Hands All Over The Jaguares Skipper On Saturday.

Woof, Baby!