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Why I Love Rugby…There Are Times When T…

Why I Love Rugby…

There Are Times When The Referees Are Just As Fit And Good Looking As The Players.

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Testosterone ThursdayKyle Godwin Is One Wild B…

Testosterone Thursday

Kyle Godwin Is One Wild Brumbie!

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Guy Friday

Guy Friday

He’s Back…

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Hump Day HunkSam Windsor Was Born To Smuggle H…

Hump Day Hunk

Sam Windsor Was Born To Smuggle His Budgy!

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The Mystery RevealedWell, The Lad In His Funky…

The Mystery Revealed

Well, The Lad In His Funky Trunks Was Lachlan McCaffrey. I’m Surprised No One Got A Lock On Lachy!

Oh, Well…

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Guy FridaysThis Is A Paean To Sports, Men, And Being Gay. It Is…

The Thrill of Victory

The Beauty of Man

In Praise Of Rugby!

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The Camaraderie of Friendship!

The Agony Of Defeat!

You’ve Got It, Baby!

Hot Damn!

Way To Go, Bro!

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Guy Fridays

This Is A Paean To Sports, Men, And Being Gay. It Is A Tribute To The Thrill Of Victory And The Agony Of Defeat On The Playing Field. It Is An Ode To Athletic Skill. This Is A Ballad Celebrating Athletic Power And Athletic Competition. This Is A Hymn Of Praise To Men: Their Strengths, Their Weaknesses, Their Hardness, And Their Vulnerabilities. I Praise Both Athletes And Ordinary Men. We Revel In Camaraderie And Friendship. It Is A Laudatory Oration On The Beauty Of The Male Body. And It Is In Praise Of Being A Gay Man!

This Is My Tumblr!

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The Beauty Of The GameRob Simmons And Sam Carter Struggle For…

Egg Struggle

Reds Have It!

Whoa, Nellie!

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The Beauty Of The Game

Rob Simmons And Sam Carter Struggle For Control Of The Egg.

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Steamed HeatYa Gotta Love Rugby Steam!Woof, Baby!

Steamed Heat

Ya Gotta Love Rugby Steam!

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