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Well, Good Morning!

Is It Leg Day Yet?

Woof, Baby!

Leg Day Has Arrived!

Don’t Skip It!

Nice Arse, Stud!

White Knight

Davy Muscle works His Buns Of Steel.

Woof, Baby!

Braving The Seas

These Hearty Pilgrims Brace Themselves Before Dipping Into This Body Of Water, Perhaps In An Attempt To Reach The Twelfth-Century Site That Offers Protection To Those Risking Such A Journey.

Our Middle Lad Took The Low Road South Recently To Acclaim, And He Has One Token To Prove It. Wading Into The Cold Sea, He Surely Will Have Blue Buns Under Those Blue Smugglers. The Fellow To His Left Perhaps Wears The Colors Of The Team That He Spent The Most Time With. His New Job Benefits From The Orders He Gave Forwards On The Pitch. 

Can You Guess The Body Of Water? Can You Guess The Identity Of The Two Smugglers In Stripes And Blue? 

Bonus Points For Guessing The Identity Of The Lad With The Beefy Butt On The Right! Even I Have No Idea Who He Is!

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone Thursday

Pump It Up!

Nice Arse, Baby!

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When You Don’t Skip Leg Day…

There Are All Sorts Of Activities To Do With A Cute Butt!

Woof, Baby!

The Sun’s Coming Out…

Time To Get Those High And tight Buns ready To Come Out!

Woof, Baby!

Manly Monday Melons

You Want Great Glutes? Joe Marler Is Doing The Best Exercise To Isolate Your Glutes And Build Bodaciously Muscular Hindquarters.

Never Skip Leg Day, Baby!

Mystery Tuesday Tush

He No Longer Spars With The Gods, Runs With The Pack, Or Crows With The Easts, But Our Muscular Rucker Keeps Himself In Tip-Top Shape In Retirement As A Model And A Fitness Coach.

Any Guesses?

I’d Smack That Rump And Tap It!

Woof, Baby!

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Hump Day Rumps

Que Delicia!

Woof, Baby!