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Anti-Gay Bias On Tumblr

Tumblr has marked many of my posts as inappropriate. I have appealed many of these. Tumblr has reviewed them and deemed many to be inoffensive. Therefore, these posts can be seen by all. 

Others, however, upon review Tumblr judged them to be in violation of community guidelines. I question Tumblr’s judgment. I question whether Tumblr’s standards have an anti-gay bias.

I do not post picture of full frontal male nudity. The only nudity I post are men’s bare butts. These are photos from the playing and practice fields, from the social media of athletes, and from media outlets. They are picture of athletes having fun. 

I also comment on the bodies of male athletes. At times, my comments are erotically charged but never pornographic or gratuitous. I post pictures of gay men kissing each other. How is that in violation of community standards, unless your community is anti-gay?

I understand if Tumblr wishes to remove posts due to copyright violations. I do not understand why Tumblr wishes to remove posts that are simply homoerotic.

Addendum I: Tumblr has flagged every post of openly gay athlete Simon Dunn and my posts of Charity Calendars (such as Warwick rowers) as offensive. Why are posts that are about openly gay athletes marked as violating community standards? And what does Tumblr find offensive about straight and gay athletes who strip off (but do not show full frontal nudity) to campaign against homophobia in sport and society?

Is Tumblr Anti-Gay?