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Early Pride🏳️‍🌈🌈✨

There Is Not One American, Professional Athlete Who Would Put Himself Out There For The Gay Community Like Max Lahiff, Who Plays At Loosehead Prop For Bath Rugby.🏉

I Challenge One And All To Name Just One Male, American, Professional Athlete In The NFL, MLB, NHL, Or NBA Who Would Don Tight, Rainbow-Colored Shorts With Fuscia Braces And Matching Rainbow-Colored Bowtie, Go Shirtless, Glitter His Chest, And Revel In A Pride Parade Or Event!🇺🇸🏈⚾️🏒🏀

Not One Will Be Named!☹️

Here’s To You, Max Lahiff. Your Girlfriend, Wife, Or Partner Is One Lucky Woman. You Are One Of A Kind…♦️💠🥇🏅🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

A Special Guy…🧔

A True Sport Stud!💪

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Where Are You Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Ma…

Pride Allies

Outsports Does A Great Job At Chronicling Athletes Who Come Out Of The Closet. And Greater Visibility And Openness Is The Surest Way To Acceptance.

Still, Allies Matter. James Haskell And Chris Robshaw Are Great Friends And Allies Of The LGBT Community In England. 

Thank You! You Are True Sport Studs!

I Cannot Help But Notice The Number Of Professional Rugby Players Who Stand With Us Like Haskers And Hoover Man. Another Is David Pocock In Australia. I Must Ask Where My Country’s Professional Athletes Are. There Are A Few NFL Players Who Have Declared Their Support For Us. Oftentimes, It Is Because They Have A Gay Brother Or Lesbian Sister. Conor Barwin Comes To Mind. 

But Where Are The Big Names? Would A Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Be Comfortable At A Pride Event, Surrounded By A Crowd Of Openly Gay Men Clad Only In Pink Briefs? Would A Star Receiver Be Pictured Amidst A Gay League?

Where Are You Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Rob Gronkowski?

The Bears Of Summer!

The Bears Of Summer!

Bear Week Has Arrived On The Cape In Provincetown! Thank You, BosGuy For Introducing Me To It Some Years Back. It Is A Celebration Of Being Gay!

And I Love It. When I First Realized That Gals Did Not Interest Me In The Way That Guys Did, I Tried To Pray The Gay Away. 

And Then I Reached Maturity In The Knowledge That As A Gay Man, I Was Also a Good Man. Same Sex Relationships Were Not Evil Or Wrong. 

I Would Never Change From Being A Gay Man. And There’s No Greater Experience To Me Than Being In The Company Of Other Gay Men. I Can Revel In My Sexuality. And I Can Revel In The Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Ethnicities, and Backgrounds We Have And Which Add To Our Beauty As Gay Men!

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Testosterone ThursdayIn Honor Of Pride Month&h…

Testosterone Thursday

In Honor Of Pride Month…The Gotham Knights…The Pride Of The Big Apple.

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To Celebrate Pride Month, I’d Rather Honor The Every Day Men And Women Who Are In Our Lives And Honor The Influence They Have On Others.

Here’s LEO James Tracy, Who’s Making The Effort To Bring Inclusivity To His Police Department And To His Community!

He Is A True Sport Stud! (And He’s Cute, To Boot!!)

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Just Because…If You Can, Try To Catch Man In An Orange…

Just Because…

If You Can, Try To Catch Man In An Orange Shirt, That Explores Aspects Of The Contradictions, Compromises, And Cruelty Of Gay Life In Great Britain In The Decades Before The Decriminalization Of Homosexuality in 1967.

Superb Performances From Julian Morris, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, And Vanessa Redgrave.

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Sydney Swan PrideThe Swans Show Their Solidarity With The LGBT…

Sydney Pride!

Swan Pride!

Captain Terrific!

God of Footy!

Pride on the Pitch!


Pride in The Sun!

Whoa, Nellie!

Yeah, Baby!

Sydney Swan Pride

The Swans Show Their Solidarity With The LGBT Community While Rocking The Lycra As Well!

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Happy Pride From The Kilted Coaches!Woof, Baby!

Happy Pride!

Ravishing Rab!

Cute Clarke!

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Give Us A Reel, Lads!

Happy Pride From The Kilted Coaches!

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Happy Pride!Let’s Make The World Gay, Again!Woof, Baby!

Happy Pride!

Sexy As Hell!

Sexier Than Hell!

So Many Men, So Little Time!

Love Is Love!

I Love The Male Body!

I Love Jordy Nelson For His Incredible Ability, And, Yes, I Love His Arse In Those Tight Pants!

I Love Jamie Cudmore, Because He Was A Great Rugger, But I Also Love His Body!

Pride In Loving Each Other!

And Pride in Numbers!

Happy Pride!

Let’s Make The World Gay, Again!

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PrideAs I Wrote Before, I Revel In My Sexuality And My Love Of…

Sun’s Out, Get Your Buns Out, And Show Your Pride!

The Four Amigos!

Come To Papa!

God, I Love That Chandelier!

Broadway Bares Beauties!

Sleeping Beauty

Snowy White Cakes!


hint of Treasure At The End Of That Trail!

A Room With A View!


As I Wrote Before, I Revel In My Sexuality And My Love Of Men!

Happy Pride!!

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