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Let’s Take A Dip!Just Love Tan Lines.Woof, Bab…

Let’s Take A Dip!

Just Love Tan Lines.

Woof, Baby!

I’m Sexy, And I Know It!At First Glance, Dan B…

I’m Sexy, And I Know It!

At First Glance, Dan Bibby May Bears A Striking Resemblance To Tiny Tim, But…HOT DAMN!!!! Miss Vicky Was One Lucky Woman!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Manly Monday

Manly Monday

No Red Herrings Here. It’s Just Rob Herring, Sam Windsor, And Rugbaí Uladh Getting Sexy In The Shed.

Woof, Baby!

Guy Fridays

Guy Fridays

Nice To Hang With Some Jersey Boys On Fridays!


Woof, Baby!

Going My Way?Tom Daley Needs A Lift. Would Love To Travel Down…

Going My Way?

Tom Daley Needs A Lift. 

Would Love To Travel Down That Trail!

Woof, Baby!

Who Wore Them Well?My Money Is On Leeds!Woof, Baby!

Super League Champions Having Fun!

Sexy Runners Up!

Who Wore Them Well?

My Money Is On Leeds!

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day HunksOut & Proud Musicians Chris Marchant And Steve…

Hump Day Hunks

Out & Proud Musicians Chris Marchant And Steve Grand Enjoy some tea time In Ptown.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Dropping Trou For A CauseThe Boys Over At SHU Rugby Are…

Dropping Trou To Help Heroes!

What Treasures Abound!

Brawny Buns

Woof, Baby!

Dropping Trou For A Cause

The Boys Over At SHU Rugby Are Preparing A New Calendar. The Proceeds Of The Said Calendar Will Go To Help For Heroes.

Visit Their Website For Updates. And I Will Post Updates As Well.

Woof, Baby!

Tuesday’s TossWhat Makes A Man Hot?A Midriff Exposed In…

What Makes A Man Hot!

Hot Damn!


Sexy As Hell!

Lineups Are Perfect For a Glimpse Of Treasure!

But Nothing Tops The Curve Of A Man’s Arse!

Oh! I Still Love Muscular Hindquarters!

Tuesday’s Toss

What Makes A Man Hot?

A Midriff Exposed In Play…

Bonus Points, If There’s a Treasure Trail.

Nice Slab, Stud!

Getting Down And Dirty In The Sheds!Underbank Rangers Are…

Getting Down And Dirty In The Sheds!

Underbank Rangers Are Baiting Us With Their Tackles!

Woof, Baby!