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God of Rugby🇮🇪🏉🌶🌶🌶🌶Can Kelleher: Connac…

God of Rugby🇮🇪🏉🌶🌶🌶🌶

Can Kelleher: Connacht’s Winger And Fullback.

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The Devil’s Own👹🏉🇮🇪Connacht May Have Gone …

The Devil’s Own👹🏉🇮🇪

Connacht May Have Gone Down To Glasgow By One Point, But Rest Assured…

They Will Strike Like The Devil’s Own!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Hump Day Hunk🇮🇪🏉💪Hot Damn! Caolin Blade Ha…

Hump Day Hunk🇮🇪🏉💪

Hot Damn! Caolin Blade Has A Sharp Pair Of Thunder Thighs!⚡️⛈

Sexy As Hell, Baby!😎

Hump Day Irish Hunk🇮🇪🏉Hot Damn! Darragh Lea…

Hump Day Irish Hunk🇮🇪🏉

Hot Damn! Darragh Leader Rings My Kettle Bell!

Sexy As Hell Baby!

©NPHO/Bryan Keane

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Tuesday’s Tush

Powerful, Muscular Hindquarters Are Key To Playing Rugby Well. 

If You Do Not Have Them, Start Squatting. 

You’ll Notice The Difference On The Pitch. 

You Will Notice The Difference In Your Jeans, Too. 

And You’ll Notice The Admiring Glances From Women And From Men!

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Saturday’s ScrumBam Bam Had A Solid Performanc…

Saturday’s Scrum

Bam Bam Had A Solid Performance As Eight Man Today.

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Saturday’s ScrumWhat A Match! Ireland Is A For…

Saturday’s Scrum

What A Match! Ireland Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

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And As For Pitch Invaders: No One Wants To See Your Sorry Arses. Stay Off The Pitch!  

Testosterone Thursday

Testosterone Thursday

Jordi Murphy Delivers The Goods.

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Manly Monday MelonsThe Magnificently Muscular …

Manly Monday Melons

The Magnificently Muscular Hindquarters Of Bernard Foley Splayed Against Ireland.

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Saturday’s ScrumDevin Toner And Ireland Got A …

Saturday’s Scrum

Devin Toner And Ireland Got A Lock On The Egg Over The Wallabies.

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