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Rugby RulesWhat Happens On The Road, Stays On …

Rugby Rules

What Happens On The Road, Stays On The Road!

“He Would Prefer To Die Many Deaths: While As For Leaving The One He Loves In A Lurch, Or Not Succoring Him In Peril, No Man Is Such A Craven That The Influence Of Love Cannot Inspire Him With A Courage That Makes Him Equal To The Bravest Born.”

Phaedrus, Plato’s Symposium

Vive La France!

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

Sexy Scrummers

Sexy Scrummers

Kélian Galletier Is One Sexy Scrummer With Pretty Power Glutes!

Sexy Comme L’Enfer, Bébé! 

The Agony Of DefeatNever Looked So Hot And Sex…

The Agony Of Defeat

Never Looked So Hot And Sexy As On Camille Chat, After The All Blacks Inked Les Bleus.

Woof, Baby!

Manly MondayBastien Berenguel Is A Babe!Woof, …

Manly Monday

Bastien Berenguel Is A Babe!

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayLes Bleus And The Scrum M…

Testosterone Thursday

Les Bleus And The Scrum Machine.

Engage Me, Baby!

Au Revoir Mon Étalon! Vincent Clerc Has Decide…

Au Revoir Mon Étalon! 

Vincent Clerc Has Decided To Hang Up His Boots At The End Of This Season!

Merci Beaucoup Pour Tout, Mon Ami!

Oh! La! La!

Oh! La! La!

The French Lads Get Sexy In The Shed!

Prêt Au Combat!

Woof, Baby!

Au Revoir Mon Ami!Frédéric Michalak Has Decide…

Au Revoir Mon Ami!

Frédéric Michalak Has Decided To Hang His Boots Up At The End Of This Season.

Merci Beaucoup, Bel Homme!

Godspeed, Baby!

Hump Day Hunks

Hump Day Hunks

The Handsome Lads Of French Rugby:

Yann David…Yummy!

Luke McAlister…Luscious!

François Cros…Foxy!

Hugo Bonneval…Hunky!

Scott Spedding…Sexy!

François Trinh-Duc…Dreamy!

Woof, Baby!

My Kind Of Maul!French 7s Grab More Than The Egg From…

Maul Me!

Make Me Scrum!

My Kind Of Maul!

French 7s Grab More Than The Egg From Spain’s Manuel Sainz-Trapaga.

Woof, Baby!