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Thank You!

Thank You!

Just Noticed That This Tumblr Now Has A Bit Over 42,000 Followers. Thank You. 

Ice bin das gute Leben leben! Just Like Tim Visier, Who Loves Life To The Fullest!

Here’s To All Who Follow My Tumblr!

Woof, Baby!

Manly MondayRory Kockott Is So Beautiful!Woof,…

Manly Monday

Rory Kockott Is So Beautiful!

Woof, Bébé!

Sexy In The Section Shed!

Sexy In The Section Shed!

Colin Slade, Thibault Daubagna, Quentin Lespiaucq, And Pesenti Baptiste, Get Sexy In Their Pullins!

Sexy Comme L’Enfer, Bébé

Sexy As Hell!Jack Laugher And Chris Mears Are …

Sexy As Hell!

Jack Laugher And Chris Mears Are Great Athletes, Divers Are Among The Most Skillful Of Athletes With Amazing Bodies.

Woof, Baby!

A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

Well, It Was Summer When The Roosters Posed, But It’s Summer In My Neck Of The Woods. Cooper Cronk, Boyd Cordner, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, James Tedesco Can Be My Lysander, Philostrate, Oberon, And Demetrius To Bring Revels This Day!

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayMike Brown And Robbo Pump…

Testosterone Thursday

Mike Brown And Robbo Pump Up The Levels.

Woof, Baby!

Golden LadAdam Peaty Is The Golden Boy Of The …

Golden Lad

Adam Peaty Is The Golden Boy Of The Pool!

Woof, Baby!

Hot, Frackin’ Damn!Shirtless, Muscular, Beauti…

Hot, Frackin’ Damn!

Shirtless, Muscular, Beautiful Men In Skin-Tight Scrimmage Pants!

Pass The Smelling Salts!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

I Don’t Know Too Many Of The Steelers. I Believe That Is James Summers On The Right. The Guy On The Left I Cannot Identify…A Rookie Perhaps?

Saturday’s StudIs Chest Day Here Already?

Saturday’s Stud
Is Chest Day Here Already?

Just Ask Matt Cox.

Nice Slab Stud!

A Hole In The Wall Or A Fine Establishment?Nic…

A Hole In The Wall Or A Fine Establishment?

Nick Schonert Appears Befuddled As To The Quality Of The Establishment In Which He Dines, As He’s Seated Next To A Shirtless Marco Mama!

“Wonder If He’s Shoeless, Too?”

Woof, Baby!

P.S. That Befuddled Warrior May Be Ethan Waller And Not Nick Schonert. Those Big Boys Look Alike! 

Separated At Birth Perhaps?