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Manly MondayExeter Heads To The Final!Get Kitt…

Manly Monday

Exeter Heads To The Final!

Get Kitted, Lads!

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Saturday Melons

Saturday Melons

Playing Tennis Gives A Guy A Great Butt. Evidence Of That Is Retired Pro, Jan-Michael Gambill. When The Opportunity Strikes And The Sun’s Out, Gambill Never Let’s A Moment Pass To Get His Buns Out!

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Hump Day HunksJaguares Get Sexy In The Shed!Wo…

Hump Day Hunks

Jaguares Get Sexy In The Shed!

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Sexy In The ShedMartín Landajo Gets Close To G…

Sexy In The Shed

Martín Landajo Gets Close To Gonzalo Bertranou, After The Jaguars Scratched The Brumbies.

Double Woof, Baby!

Vamos Jaguares!

Very Interesting…I’ve Heard Of Cases Of…

Very Interesting…

I’ve Heard Of Cases Of Blue Balls Before, But This Is The First Case Of Plum Cakes I’ve Seen.

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Sunday ScrumsScrum Down With Some Of These Blo…

Sunday Scrums

Scrum Down With Some Of These Blokes.

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Hot Damn! It Will Be A Good Weekend!Woof, Baby…

Hot Damn! It Will Be A Good Weekend!

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Thanks, Baby!

Hump Day Colossal RumpMon Dieu!Un Beau Cul, Bé…

Hump Day Colossal Rump

Mon Dieu!

Un Beau Cul, Bébé!

Hump Day Rump

Hump Day Rump

Oli Robinson Discovers The Perils Of Play On The rugby Pitch.

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Sliding To PyeongChangJohn Daly Gets Ready For…

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Sliding To PyeongChang

John Daly Gets Ready For PyeongChang.

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Click The Arrow For The Video Of John Sliding Into The Lake!