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My New Mantra…Everyday Is Leg Day!Thank…

My New Mantra…

Everyday Is Leg Day!

Thank You, Joey Mantia.

Woof, Baby!

Rest Days

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Rest Days

Today Is A Rest Day For Me, But I Will Never Tire Of Josh’s Bodaciously Muscular Hindquarters In Skin-Tight Kits Or In His Skivvies!

Woof, Baby!

The Flying DutchmanThe Quins Have Not Been Doi…

The Flying Dutchman

The Quins Have Not Been Doing So Well Of Late, But I’ve Notice One Silver Lining In The Dark Clouds Over Them…

Tim Visser Has A Pretty Arse!

Woof, Baby!

Saturday’s ScrumThe Stormers Engulfed The Jagu…

Saturday’s Scrum

The Stormers Engulfed The Jaguars, But The Cats Got Some Scratches In.

Final Score: 28-20

Woof, Baby!

Beefy BunsA Smorgasbord From Which To Choose&h…

Beefy Buns

A Smorgasbord From Which To Choose…

Yum, Baby!

Guy Fridays Nico Sánchez And Guido Petti Have …

Guy Fridays

Nico Sánchez And Guido Petti Have Such Meaty, Muscular Hindquarters That Agustín Creevy And Joaquín Díaz Bonilla Are Not Letting Them Go.

Woof, Baby!

Is It Leg Day, Already?You Bet Your Sweet Arse…

Is It Leg Day, Already?

You Bet Your Sweet Arse That Leg Day Has Arrived!

Woof, Baby!

Why I Love Rugby…There Are Times When T…

Why I Love Rugby…

There Are Times When The Referees Are Just As Fit And Good Looking As The Players.

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayKyle Godwin Is One Wild B…

Testosterone Thursday

Kyle Godwin Is One Wild Brumbie!

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayIt May Be Core Day, But D…

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Testosterone Thursday

It May Be Core Day, But Damn! Those Cakes Are Hot!

Woof, Baby!