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Guy Friday

Guy Friday

Dave Lewis Is Hot..He’s A Good Scrum-Half…He’s Handsome…He Has Great Legs…

And He Has A Cute Butt!

Woof, Baby!

Sun’s Out…Gt Those Buns Out!Woof, Baby!

Sun’s Out…

Gt Those Buns Out!

Woof, Baby!

Need A Muse For Leg Day?Here Are Two.Nice Arse…

Need A Muse For Leg Day?

Here Are Two.

Nice Arses, Studs!

The Nutcracker!

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The Nutcracker!

Adam Is So Right About The Abductor.

And You Will Not Crack Your Nuts…

There Are Better Ways To Bust Your Nuts!

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayIt’s Not Only The Profess…

Testosterone Thursday

It’s Not Only The Professionals Who Provide Great Rugby!

Woof, Baby!

Fare Thee Well And Godspeed!Sam Warburton Has …

Fare Thee Well And Godspeed!

Sam Warburton Has Made The Decision In Light Of Rugby’s Toll On His Body To Hang Up His Boots At 29.

At 22, He Was The Youngest Man To Skipper Wales. 

Thank You, Fare Thee Well, And Godspeed, Sport Stud!

Thursdays In Tights

Thursdays In Tights

Tyson Goldsack Is Sacked Nicely In Tights!

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day Hunk

Hump Day Hunk

I Have Not Posted Much From The NRL Of Late. The Men Of Union Have Kept Me Occupied!

It Saddens Me To Hear That Ryan Hoffman Will Retire At The End Of This Season. The Man Is A Work Horse On The Pitch, And It Has Been A Pleasure To Watch Him Chase Eggs.

Ryan Hoffman Is Also They Type Of Man I Fall Hard For. He May Not Have Classic Good Looks, But He Is Very Cute. He Has Hard Edge About Him. He Possesses A Very Strong Jaw Line, But A Disarming Smile. He May Have A Broken Nose,, And His Ears May Be Slightly Askew, But His Face Exudes Confidence And A Sense Of Humor. Broad Shoulders, A Manly Chest, And Strong Arms Lead To A Strong Core Rather Than A Tapered Waist! Sturdy, Tree-Trunk Legs Lead Up To What I Regard As His Pièce De Résistance…His Beefy Butt.

In Short, Ryan Hoffman Is The Total Package!


Godspeed, Hoffie!

Hump Day RumpYou Have To Love Skin-Tight Levis…

Hump Day Rump

You Have To Love Skin-Tight Levis!

Woof, Baby!

Hot And SweatyThe Jaguares Give It There All, …

Hot And Sweaty

The Jaguares Give It There All, As They Train For The Finals Of The Season.

Woof, Baby!