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Give Us A Kiss, Luv!There Are A Few Wallabies …

Give Us A Kiss, Luv!

There Are A Few Wallabies Whom I’d Like To Kiss!

Woof, Baby!

Manly Monday

Manly Monday

James Tedesco Has Nice Feet. 

He Has A Nice Arse, Too!

Woof, Baby!

Manly Monday MelonsThe Magnificently Muscular …

Manly Monday Melons

The Magnificently Muscular Hindquarters Of Bernard Foley Splayed Against Ireland.

Woof, Baby!

The Agony Of DefeatNever Looked So Hot And Sex…

The Agony Of Defeat

Never Looked So Hot And Sexy As On Camille Chat, After The All Blacks Inked Les Bleus.

Woof, Baby!

Saturday’s ScrumDevin Toner And Ireland Got A …

Saturday’s Scrum

Devin Toner And Ireland Got A Lock On The Egg Over The Wallabies.

Yeah, Baby!

Saturday’s ScrumCan The Pumas Scratch Wales?We…

Saturday’s Scrum

Can The Pumas Scratch Wales?

We’ll See, Baby!

Big Shoes To Fill.Eddie Jones May Have Given H…

Big Shoes To Fill.

Eddie Jones May Have Given His Nod To Brad Shields, But Shields Is Walking Onto A Pitch For England Well Trod For Him By Chris Robshaw.

Best Of Luck, Baby!

Nice Job, If You Can Get It!Woof, Baby!

Nice Job, If You Can Get It!

Woof, Baby!

Need Some Gym Inspiration?Woof, Baby!

Need Some Gym Inspiration?

Woof, Baby!

Guy FridaysA Set Of Sexy, Smuggling Swedish Se…

Guy Fridays

A Set Of Sexy, Smuggling Swedish Sevens.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!