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Update: Yes, RugbyFan84 Has Correctly Identifi…

Mystery Pumaūüá¶ūüá∑ūüŹČ

Who Is That Masked Man?

Who Is The Most Recent Hero To Emerge From Buenos Aires?

His Muscles Strain Against The Sinews Of His Muscles!

He Wears A Tight Jersey With Matching Tight Shorts.

He Can Catch Eggs IN A single Bound!

Stop A Moving Opponent In No Time Flat!

And He Is…

Sexy Como El Infierno Bebé!!

Update: Yes, RugbyFan84 Has Correctly Identified Our Masked Hero. I Suspect That Sly Sleuth Works For SPECTRE. And I Believe The All Blacks Are Behind That Evil Organization!!

Hump Day Mystery Solved!

Hump Day Mystery Solved!

Try As I Might, I Have Yet To Post A Mystery Hunk Or Mystery Rump That Cannot Be Solved By RugbyFan84!

You Are A True Connoisseur Of Rugby Men And Their Rumps.

Bravo, Laddie!

Yes, Those Are Alex Dunbar’s Magnificently Muscular Hindquarters Encased In The Tight Material Of The Budgy Smuggler.

The Clues Explained:

‚ÄúDoonhamer:‚ÄĚ Alex Dunbar Is A Native Of Dumfries.

30 Caps For Scotland; 100 Caps For Glasgow Warriors

Mungo Is The Patron Saint Of Glasgow.

And Alex Dunbar’s Position Is In The Backs As A Centre!

Congrats, Buddy! You’ll Have To Await Your Prize, But I Guarantee That You Will Enjoy It!

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day Smuggling, Mystery RumpThis Doonhamer…

Hump Day Smuggling, Mystery Rump

This Doonhamer Has Been Capped Close To 30 Times For His Bonnie Land And More Than 100 Times For The Home Squad. Mungo Would Be Proud. As Well As Having A Fine Back-Side, He’s A Fine Back.

Any Guesses As To His Identity?

Woof, Baby!

Manly Monday Mystery Melons And Smugglers.

Manly Monday Mystery Melons And Smugglers.

These Men Have Gone Through Adversity To The Stars! Yes, They Chase Eggs! Whom Do These Men With Beautifully Muscular Hindquarters Serve? In What Capacity?

Bonus Points, If You Can Guess The Locale!

Woof, Baby!

Mystery Smugglers And Mystery Buns

Mystery Smugglers And Mystery Buns

They Are Both Grand Views…One A Canyon Another An Island. And They Have Attracted Egg Chasing Budgy Smugglers. Can You Guess Who Amongst Betty‚Äôs Boys Is At The Center Of It All? Like The Man With Whom He Shares A Surname, Our Mystery Smuggler With The Oh..So Pretty…Buns Can Tap Around The Pitch To Score The Perfect Try.

Any Guesses?

Woof, Baby!

Mystery SmugglersCan You Identify Scotland‚Äôs P…

Mystery Smugglers

Can You Identify Scotland’s Players By Their Budgy Smuggling Or Bare Buns?

Some Are More Easily Identified Than Others.

Sexy In Scotland’s Shed, Baby!

The Mystery RevealedWell, The Lad In His Funky…

The Mystery Revealed

Well, The Lad In His Funky Trunks Was Lachlan McCaffrey. I’m Surprised No One Got A Lock On Lachy!

Oh, Well…

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day Mystery Hunk

Hump Day Mystery Hunk

This Tiger Offers Quite A Package Deal In His Funky Trunks.

Any Guesses As To His Identity? 

Woof, Baby!

Braving The SeasThese Hearty Pilgrims Brace Themselves Before…

Braving The Seas

These Hearty Pilgrims Brace Themselves Before Dipping Into This Body Of Water, Perhaps In An Attempt To Reach The Twelfth-Century Site That Offers Protection To Those Risking Such A Journey.

Our Middle Lad Took The Low Road South Recently To Acclaim, And He Has One Token To Prove It. Wading Into The Cold Sea, He Surely Will Have Blue Buns Under Those Blue Smugglers. The Fellow To His Left Perhaps Wears The Colors Of The Team That He Spent The Most Time With. His New Job Benefits From The Orders He Gave Forwards On The Pitch. 

Can You Guess The Body Of Water? Can You Guess The Identity Of The Two Smugglers In Stripes And Blue? 

Bonus Points For Guessing The Identity Of The Lad With The Beefy Butt On The Right! Even I Have No Idea Who He Is!

Woof, Baby!

Mystery Tuesday TushHe No Longer Spars With The Gods, Runs With…

Mystery Tuesday Tush

He No Longer Spars With The Gods, Runs With The Pack, Or Crows With The Easts, But Our Muscular Rucker Keeps Himself In Tip-Top Shape In Retirement As A Model And A Fitness Coach.

Any Guesses?

I’d Smack That Rump And Tap It!

Woof, Baby!