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Jersey BoysI’ll Come Running To Any Bells That…

Jersey Boys

I’ll Come Running To Any Bells That Charlie Maddison, Max Argyle, Or Mark Best Ring!

Woof, Baby!

Saturday’s StudNot Quite Sure What To Make Of …

Saturday’s Stud

Not Quite Sure What To Make Of What Dave Lewis Did To His Vest. With His Head Taped Too, He’s A Cross Between The Walking Wounded And The Pillsbury Doughboy. If He’s The Latter, I’d Love To Tickle Him!

Woof, Baby!

Guy FridaysMark Atkinson And Matt Banahan Prov…

Guy Fridays

Mark Atkinson And Matt Banahan Prove  To Be A Nice Pairing In Gloucester.

Woof, Baby!

Testosterone ThursdayMike Brown And Robbo Pump…

Testosterone Thursday

Mike Brown And Robbo Pump Up The Levels.

Woof, Baby!

Hoover ManChris Robshaw Stands Ready To Sweep …

Hoover Man

Chris Robshaw Stands Ready To Sweep Away Any Opponents On The Pitch.

Bring It On, Baby!

Manly Monday MotivationSam Simmonds Motivates …

Manly Monday Motivation

Sam Simmonds Motivates Me Today!

Woof, Baby!

Sunday ServicesHit The Gym After Church To Ten…

Sunday Services

Hit The Gym After Church To Tend Your Body After Your Soul. These Warriors Will Intercede For You!

Woof, Baby!

Saturday’s StudIs Chest Day Here Already?

Saturday’s Stud
Is Chest Day Here Already?

Just Ask Matt Cox.

Nice Slab Stud!

A Hole In The Wall Or A Fine Establishment?Nic…

A Hole In The Wall Or A Fine Establishment?

Nick Schonert Appears Befuddled As To The Quality Of The Establishment In Which He Dines, As He’s Seated Next To A Shirtless Marco Mama!

“Wonder If He’s Shoeless, Too?”

Woof, Baby!

P.S. That Befuddled Warrior May Be Ethan Waller And Not Nick Schonert. Those Big Boys Look Alike! 

Separated At Birth Perhaps?

If Only…They Do Make A Lovely Couple!Wo…

If Only…

They Do Make A Lovely Couple!

Woof, Baby!