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Guy Glutes🧔🏻🍑

Guy Glutes🧔🏻🍑

They May Not Be So Great This Early In The Season, But The New York Jets Sure Do Have A Smorgasbord Of Deliciously Muscular Hindquarters From Which To Choose:

CB Trumaine Johnson: Tackle That Tush!🔥

Starting QB Sam Darnold: Some Hot Haunches!🌶

Veteran Back-Up QB Josh McCown: A Raucous Rump!🌶🌶

Safety Marcus Maye: Some Fine Power Glutes To Cover His QB!🌶🌶🌶


Safety Jamal Adams: High And Tight!🌶🌶🌶🌶🍈🍈

Woof, Baby!

The Sweet SpotThat Sweet Spot Can Also Be The …

The Sweet Spot

That Sweet Spot Can Also Be The Sweat Spot!

I Love Men’s Bodies. And Those Bodies Are So On Display In The Skin-Tight Uniforms. Of The NFL!

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BeautifulJosh McCown Is A Handsome Man, But Sa…


Josh McCown Is A Handsome Man, But Sam Darnold Has A Beautiful Butt! Josh Has A Pretty Patootie, Too!

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