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Manly Monday💪A New Tumblr Friend Told Me That…

Manly Monday💪

A New Tumblr Friend Told Me That He Fancies Will Fraser, The Former Flanker For Saracens. He Retired In 2017 Due To A Neck Injury.🏉

Fraser Is A Hot Man. But What Makes Him Even Hotter Is His Devotion To His Brother Henry, Who Was Paralyzed From The Shoulders Down In 2009. Will May Not Have An England Cap. He Has Something Worth Infinitely More…Integrity And Character!🧔🏻🌶🌶🌶🌶

Will Fraser Is So Woof Worthy…He Is A True Sport Stud!👍

Woof, Baby!

What Do Cheap Hotels And Tight Jeans Have In C…

What Do Cheap Hotels And Tight Jeans Have In Common?

No Ballroom!🌰🌰🤣🤭

Apparently, Alex Goode May Have The Same Condition In His Pants!😯

Or Maybe He’s Lost The Family Jewels!💎💎

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day Hunk🏉💪Owen Farrell Man Spreads!Woof…

Hump Day Hunk🏉💪

Owen Farrell Man Spreads!

Woof, Baby!

Sunday Spice

Sunday Spice

Need A Little Ginger In Your Life? Joe Conlon Fits The Bill!

Woof, Baby!

To The Victors!Well Done, Sarries! This Pictur…

To The Victors!

Well Done, Sarries! 

This Picture Is Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Lightning Strike For Sarries!Thanks To The Thu…

Lightning Strike For Sarries!

Thanks To The Thunder Thighs Of Owen Farrell!

Woof, Baby!

More Than One Way To Skin A Sarrie!Matt Banaha…

More Than One Way To Skin A Sarrie!

Matt Banahan Knows One Way To Stop A Sarrie In His Tracks.

Woof, Baby!

Manly Monday

Manly Monday

You Can Always Find Chris Robshaw In The Thick Of The Match…Attempting To Get Over The Try Line, In The Scrum, And In The Ruck.

Maul Me, Baby!

Saturday’s StudKeith Earls Proved Himself A Ma…

Saturday’s Stud

Keith Earls Proved Himself A Master Aerialist In The Lineout And In Catching Eggs.

Woof, Baby!

The Collapse Is CompleteEngland…This Wa…

The Collapse Is Complete

England…This Was Not Your Finest Hour!

Hang Your Heads In Shame!!!