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Is It Leg Day, Already?You Bet Your Sweet Arse…

Is It Leg Day, Already?

You Bet Your Sweet Arse That Leg Day Has Arrived!

Woof, Baby!

Hot Damn! It Will Be A Good Weekend!Woof, Baby…

Hot Damn! It Will Be A Good Weekend!

Woof, Baby!

Thanks, Baby!



Your Sunday Routine!

Rest Day Is Saint Monday!

Gym InspirationGet Moving In 2018!Yeah, Baby!

Gym Inspiration

Get Moving In 2018!

Yeah, Baby!

Guns To Go With Buns…

Guns To Go With Buns…

Let’s Face It, A Nice Pair Of Guns Matches An Impressive Set Of Buns!

Woof, Baby!




It’s Not About Exercising…

It’s About Training With Goals In Your Sights!

Simply Woof, Baby!



Merry Christmas, Baby!

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry! On December 26…Boxing Day…Hit The Gym.

May Your Yuletides Be Merry And Gay, Lads And Lassies!

Booty BuildersEight Ways to Hone Those Muscula…

Booty Builders

Eight Ways to Hone Those Muscular Hindquarters.

Woof, Baby!

Hot Bloody Hell…M.I.A.: Move Insolent Arses!!G…

Hot Bloody Hell…

M.I.A.: Move Insolent Arses!!

Get Off Your Butt, Baby!

Saturday StudsWoof!‘Nuf Said.

Saturday Studs


‘Nuf Said.