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Sexy As Hell!Jack Laugher And Chris Mears Are …

Sexy As Hell!

Jack Laugher And Chris Mears Are Great Athletes, Divers Are Among The Most Skillful Of Athletes With Amazing Bodies.

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Golden LadAdam Peaty Is The Golden Boy Of The …

Golden Lad

Adam Peaty Is The Golden Boy Of The Pool!

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Hump Day HunkBritish Swimmer Adam Peaty Gets R…

Hump Day Hunk

British Swimmer Adam Peaty Gets Ready To Swim For England In The Commonwealth Games.

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Athletes Having Fun…

Athletes Having Fun…

Guys Being Guys…

A Small Collection Of Luscious Lads Lolling About In The Sheds And In The Sunshine!

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Living His Truth

Living His Truth

Although He Has Been Out To His Family And Friends Since He Was A Young Man, Mark Foster Today Revealed To The World That He Is A Gay Man. In His Own Words, Mark Said That He Spoke “Half-Truths” In Public. A Look Through His Social Media Demonstrates That He Was Leaving Enough Clues For Us To His True Self.

It Makes No Difference When You Come Out. Whether You Are 17 or 47…Only You Know When It Is Right. When An Olympic Athlete And A Man In A Visibly Public Role Comes Out, It Makes The World Of Difference To The Young Gay Boy Or Girl Struggling With Their Feelings.

Mark Foster, You Have Made The World A Better Place For Many Young Gay Boys And Girls.

Thank You. You Are A True Sport Stud!

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Going My Way?Tom Daley Needs A Lift. Would Love To Travel Down…

Going My Way?

Tom Daley Needs A Lift. 

Would Love To Travel Down That Trail!

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(via Daley…


Daley Lessons

Tom Daley Teaches The Lean Machines How To Dive!

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British LionAdam Peaty Takes Fina By Storm.Woof, Baby!

British Lion!

Sexy In The Sun!

Baby Got Attitude!

Nice Cakes!


Great Guns!


Hot Damn!

Just Damn Cute!

Hear Him Roar!

British Lion

Adam Peaty Takes Fina By Storm.

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Daley TumblrTom Daley Prepares To Nail It At FINA.Woof, Baby!

Union Jack Tease!

Team GB

Calm, Cool, And Collected!

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The World On His Shoulders!

Daley Tumblr

Tom Daley Prepares To Nail It At FINA.

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Sexy And Ready For Rio!

Sexy And Ready For Rio!

Whoa, Nellie! Tom Mitchell Is Sexy And Ready For Rio!

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