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Update: Yes, RugbyFan84 Has Correctly Identifi…

Mystery Puma🇦🇷🏉

Who Is That Masked Man?

Who Is The Most Recent Hero To Emerge From Buenos Aires?

His Muscles Strain Against The Sinews Of His Muscles!

He Wears A Tight Jersey With Matching Tight Shorts.

He Can Catch Eggs IN A single Bound!

Stop A Moving Opponent In No Time Flat!

And He Is…

Sexy Como El Infierno Bebé!!

Update: Yes, RugbyFan84 Has Correctly Identified Our Masked Hero. I Suspect That Sly Sleuth Works For SPECTRE. And I Believe The All Blacks Are Behind That Evil Organization!!

Hump Day Hunk🇮🇪🏉💪Hot Damn! Caolin Blade Ha…

Hump Day Hunk🇮🇪🏉💪

Hot Damn! Caolin Blade Has A Sharp Pair Of Thunder Thighs!⚡️⛈

Sexy As Hell, Baby!😎

Fit/Fat Guy

Fit/Fat Guy

Karter Schult…He’s Sexy, And He Does Not Know It!

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day HunkMarcos Kremer Heats Up The Pitch….

Hump Day Hunk

Marcos Kremer Heats Up The Pitch.

Hot Damn, Baby!

Der Goldhund!Better Than Goldfinger…Ger…

Der Goldhund!

Better Than Goldfinger…German Ginger Bear Christoph Harting Follows In Big Brother’s Footsteps!

Woof, Baby!

Woof, Baby!

Tuesday’s Tush

Powerful, Muscular Hindquarters Are Key To Playing Rugby Well. 

If You Do Not Have Them, Start Squatting. 

You’ll Notice The Difference On The Pitch. 

You Will Notice The Difference In Your Jeans, Too. 

And You’ll Notice The Admiring Glances From Women And From Men!

Woof, Baby!

Hump Day HunksThe Props Of Argentina XV: Marco…

Hump Day Hunks

The Props Of Argentina XV: Marco Ciccioli, Agustín Maceiras, And Mayco Vivas!

Woof, Baby! 

Big Boy!Malcolm Marx Is A Big Boy! The Perfect…

Big Boy!

Malcolm Marx Is A Big Boy! The Perfect Vanguard Of The Lions! 

Woof, Baby!

The Nutcracker!

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The Nutcracker!

Adam Is So Right About The Abductor.

And You Will Not Crack Your Nuts…

There Are Better Ways To Bust Your Nuts!

Woof, Baby!

Thursdays In Tights

Thursdays In Tights

Tyson Goldsack Is Sacked Nicely In Tights!

Woof, Baby!